iPhone vs Blackberry? What’s the better phone?

The great debate is around which phone is better, the iPhone 3G S or the Blackberry Storm/Bold? Everyone that owns a iPhone seems to rave about it and everyone that owns a blackberry seems to call out the flaws with the iPhone. So I ask again, which is the better phone?

I’ve personally used iPhone for years and recently purchased a Blackberry. In my opinion the blackberry was the best phone in 2007 hands down, but the iPhone is the phone of 2014. I feel like I’m living in the future everytime I use it. What do you think?

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  1. ismail surati
    ismail surati says:

    i-phone is way better. however if you handle between 30 to 200 mails a day…blackberry without a doubt, much more effecient in handling mails and they in which it connected to company exchange servers.

    if you do not receive company or work related bulk mail. buy an i-phone!

  2. Granville Glave
    Granville Glave says:

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