Pixable Launched for iPad

Startup Pixable launched an iPad version of Photofeed, its web app for organizing and sorting Facebook photos.

The app allows users to see all of their friends’ photos without jumping from profile to profile, view photos deemed most popular by a proprietary algorithm, sort photos by categories like “family updates,” and get updates when specific friends add or are tagged in new photos — all while maintaining Facebook “like” and comment functionality.

On the iPad, Pixable’s Photofeed also has a slideshow feature that displays photos in a manner similar to a digital frame.


Thunderbolt: Apple’s Port to End All Ports?

As Apple prepares to refresh its MacBook Pro line of notebook computers, it’s beginning to look like a pretty safe bet that it will introduce a new I/O port called “Thunderbolt” in combination with the new devices, based on Intel’s Light Peak specification. It makes a lot of sense, sinceApple worked with Intel in developing Light Peak. But why do devices need this port, and what might Apple have planned for it in the future?

First, let’s look a little into Light Peak, how it works and what it can do. Light Peak is an optical cable interface designed by Intel with a bandwidth of 10 Gbps currently, with the potential to ultimately scale to rates of over 100 Gbps over the course of its life. The main benefit of Light Peak is that it provides enough bandwidth to both replace data connectors such as SCSI, USB, SATA and FireWire, while at the same time handling the duties of higher performance ports like eSATA and DisplayPort (or Mini DisplayPort, in the case of Apple computers). Read more

Apple Updates The MacBook Pro Line With Sandy Bridge Intel CPUs, AMD GPUs, FaceTime HD, and Thunderbolt

Happy Birthday, Steve! Just like the rumors stated, Apple refreshed the entire line of MacBook Pros today, which just so happened to be Steve Jobs’ birthday. These new models aren’t exactly revolutionary with the same basic unibody casing, layout, and batteries. The updates are evolutionary in nature, just steps towards the next generation of MacBook Pros. Read more

Apple Announces March 2 iPad Event

Confirming a date first reported by a blog, Apple this week distributed invitations to a special event at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco on March 2. Their text–”Come see what 2011 will be the year of,” a smirking riff on all those “Year of The Tablet” stories, and art–a calendar date peeling back from an iPad–leave little doubt as to the event’s topic: iPad 2.

As I’ve noted here before, the iPad 2 is expected to be thinner than its predecessor and manufactured with the same unibody approach Apple’s been using for the MacBook. It’s also expected to feature an LCD backlit display, a front-facing camera and FaceTime video chat support. Finally, some reports suggest it is powered by one of Qualcomm’s multimode chips and will run on both GSM and CDMA-based networks around the world.


Infographic: The Selling Power of the iPad

new report from online publishing company Yudu Media presents a very convincing case that when it comes to marketing and audience, few devices (tablets or otherwise) can compare with the iPad. The report collects the findings of a number of different surveys and research outlets, painting a picture of a device tailor-made to sell content, products and services. Here’s a picture of some of the more noteworthy findings within Yudu’s report:

Why Did Apple Choose Next Thursday To Launch New MacBooks?

It looks like Apple’s all set to launch new MacBooks next week, but the launch day is — a Thursday? What’s up with that? Apple’s big product launches are almost always on Tuesdays. (It allows reporters on the East Coast of the states to fly into California on a workday instead of the weekend). So why would Apple launch new MacBooks on Thursday February 24?

Perhaps because it’s Steve Jobs’ 56th birthday! Steve’s birthday is Thursday February 24. Last year, Apple sold its 10 billionth song on Steve’s 55th birthday.

Happy birthday Steve — some way to celebrate a birthday.

Apple Employee breaks Protocol to tell us….

Spencer Platt -Getty Images

Apple is famous for its secrecy, with a code of silence that runs from top management all the way down to its retail employees. One Apple Store employee decided to throw protocol to the curb and tell bloggers what it’s really like working at the vaunted retail outlets.

Product Launches

We are completely in the dark until they do a keynote speech. We have no idea what is coming and are not allowed to openly speculate. You can get into serious trouble if you speculate—especially to a customer. I am asked five times per day about the next iPad or iPhone, and I quite simply don’t know. But I would be in huge trouble if I said something like “The next iPad is going to have a camera.” I actually avoid the technology section of the newspaper so I have no points of view to accidentally comment with or drop into conversation. I’d rather just be dumb about it. Read more

How To Easily Back Up Your Mac With Time Machine (Video)

Imagine this scenario: your Mac crashes and all of your files are gone forever. Do you want this to happen to you? If not, Time Machine is the perfect solution. It automatically backs up your Mac every hour, so you can always have the peace of mind that your files are safe. The video below describes how you can set up Time Machine quickly and easily.

Microsoft Rolls Out Facebook-Friendly Bing Bar 7

Yes, Another toolbar! And yes, Microsoft has linked up its new Bing Bar 7 with Facebook. Microsoft figures it can do better than all the toolbars that came before with its Bing Bar 7, which works only with Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9. Is it useful?

If you haven’t tried Microsoft’s Bing Bar in any of its earlier iterations, it’s a toolbar with little app-like conveniences. The new Bing Bar 7 again brings that variety of applets to the top of your browser, where with one click you can indulge in its new claim to fame: checking your Facebook feed. It shows your newsfeed, friend requests and even gives you a pleasant-looking grid of your friends’ shared photos. Read more

iPhone Nano Rumors Show Nobody Actually Knows What Apple Is busy with

If I had a Rand for every rumor that surfaces about an unannounced Apple products, I could probably buy myself an apple-shaped island bursting with iPad trees just of Cape Town.

Last week, Bloomberg ignited the flammable Apple rumor mill with a report saying Apple is considering building a smaller iPhone that would only cost $200. The rumors of an “iPhone nano” gained steam after a Wall Street Journal report with more details about the device. It even had a codename: the N97. It was looking more and more likely that a smaller version of the iPhone was imminent. Read more