Royal Wedding Drives Mobile Messaging Traffic Surge

Analysis of Royal Wedding-related texting traffic from Sybase

People weren’t just blogging, tweeting and Facebook “liking” today’s Royal Wedding. They were also frantically texting about it.

Texting traffic peaked, predictably, at the start of the April 29 wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, which began at 11 am British time. Toward the beginning of the multi-hour ceremony, daily texting/multimedia texting (SMS/MMS) traffic in the U.S. and U.K. combined registered a 600% increase, according to Sybase, an enterprise software and services company owned by software giant SAP. By the end of the ceremony, traffic had subsided to a little more than double the usual rate.

In the U.S. alone, texting/multimedia texting traffic shot up 31% at the beginning of the Royal Wedding — a figure Sybase described as “big numbers” since the time difference between the countries meant Americans needed to wake at dawn or earlier to watch the event. Read more

Want an iPad 2?

Now Available in South Africa!

iPad 2 is thinner, lighter and even faster than the original, with the same 10-hour battery life. With two cameras, you can make FaceTime video calls and capture HD video. And the iPad Smart Cover attaches magnetically and aligns perfectly to your iPad 2.

iPad 2 features:
  • 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit display with IPS technology
  • Dual-core A5 chip
  • Front and back cameras
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology
  • 3G data service on Wi-Fi + 3G models
  • Read more

President Obama with iPad 2

US President Barack Obama, known for his use of a Blackberry, recently admitted that he had an iPad. Until a recent photo from the White House Flickr account, however, nobody knew which one. As it turns out, it’s an iPad 2 3G!

While nobody is certain what Obama uses his iPad for, it’s a humorous thought to picture one of the most powerful men in the world playing Angry Birds alone in his office when nobody is looking. Also interesting, the iPad 2 appears to have been cleared by White House security!


Last Typewriter Manufacturer Closes Its Doors

Joining other discarded technologies of late, including the Flip video camera, Kodachrome, and the humble floppy disk is the typewriter, which will no longer be produced anywhere in the world.

The last company on earth to produce the typewriter — Godrej and Boyce — has shut down its production plant in Mumbai, India, according to reports that, fittingly, are making the rounds via the Internet.

The company’s general manager, Milind Dukle, told India’s Business Standard newspaper: “We are not getting many orders now.”  Read more

Sony Announces iPad Rivals

Dell. Motorola. Hewlett-Packard. Research In Motion. Barnes & Noble. It seems everyone has lined up to take a shot at Apple’s iPad. Time to add another brand to the list — perhaps the biggest yet — with Sony announcing a pair of Android tablets.

The tablets, codenamed S1 and S2 will go on sale in August (no word on pricing yet). They include many of the usual features: touch screens, Google’s Android software, Nvidia Tegra processors, and WiFi and wide-area network connections.

The pair of tablets will get some unique touches, though. The S1 has a 9.4-inch touch screen display, about the size of the iPad’s screen. But the the S1 gets an interesting off-center design — it’s thicker at the top than the bottom. Sony claims will make the device easier to hold. Read more

Your iPhone Is Tracking Your Location

Two security researchers have discovered that Apple’s iPhone keeps track of a user’s location and saves that information to a file that is stored both on the device and on a user’s computer when they sync or back it up in iTunes.

The researchers, Pete Warden and Alasdair Allan, discovered the hidden file while collaborating on a potential data visualization project. “At first we weren’t sure how much data was there, but after we dug further and visualised the extracted data, it became clear that there was a scary amount of detail on our movements,” Warden told The Guardian. Read more

WACS – West Africa Cable System in South Africa

After a 14 000 kilometer journey down the West Coast of Africa, the small town of Yserfontein marks the South African landing site for the West Africa Cable System (WACS). This multi-million dollar project marks an exponential leap in South Africa’s broadband supply, which has been brought about by an unprecedented level of cooperation between the continents largest telecoms operators.

The WACS cable runs along the West Coast of Africa, and is the first undersea broadband cable to land in Namibia, DRC, Togo and the Republic of Congo (amongst other countries). The Yserfontein landing marks the completion of the main trunk between South Africa and Europe. The WACS cable will be ready for commercial service in Q1, 2012.

The cable has a current capacity of 5.2 Terabits per second (Tbps), at this speed one could (theoretically) download more than 8000 DVD’s per minute. This remarkable capacity is more than the total of all the other undersea fibre-optic cables which service South Africa, added together. The cable has been designed to support present, and future, internet, e-commerce, data, video and voice services. The system makes use of dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technology, which enables bidirectional communications over one strand of fibre, as well as the multiplication of capacity. Read more

The official Nelson Mandela Twitter account

The Nelson Mandela Foundation issued a press releaseannouncing the “Return of Nelson Mandela Twitter page”. The release followed the Foundation’s recent ownership of the @NelsonMandela Twitter account. The account was created in August 2008 by Richard Millington, founder of FeverBee Limited, an online community consultancy who was contacted by the Foundation last week to request ownership of the account. The London-based Millington did not hestitate to hand the account over.

“We are extremely pleased with Mr Millington’s response and we would like to encourage others who hold domains using Nelson Mandela’s name to hand them over to the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory,” said the Foundation.

The transfer has proven to be far smoother than a similar case that involved popular talk show host Jay Leno who went to court over a url dispute. This practice with a general domain name (for example Jay Leno) is known as cybersquatting. However, on Twitter it is referred to as “Name Squatting” and prohibited under Twitter’s rules.

Following the unsavoury events of January when hoax reports of Mandela’s death broke on Twitter, it is certainly understandable why the foundation would want its own presence on Twitter.



iPad 2’s In Every Room of This Sydney Hotel

The Establishment Hotel in Sydney is the first hotel to feature iPad 2s in each guest room of their hotel. The iPad 2 went on sale in Australia on the 25th of March and the hotel acted quick to pick up enough iPads to fit out all of their rooms.

The iPads come ready with a range of apps, music, and videos. Travel app TripAdvisor and fan favorite Angry Birds are two apps that join a host of promotional videos that welcome vistors to the hotel. Read more