Adastra Trimaran Super Yacht

I haven’t featured any boats here on my blogg, but this one is definitely worth a mention, called the Adastra, this super yacht looks like some sort of alien space ship. The Adastra is a high speed trimaran which was designed by John Shuttleworth, and it is currently being built in China for a Hong Kong couple, Anton and Elaine Marden.

The Adastra is powered by a Caterpillar C18 1150 2300 rpm engine, plus there are also two Yanmar 110hp engines in the outer hulls.  The yacht has a very futuristic look with a glass & Kevlar foam hull with carbon fiber composing the rest of the super yacht to make it lightweight.  The carbon fiber continues to the boat hatches, portlights, ladders and hinges and for fuel efficiency, a fully automated fuel management system has been installed for fuel cleaning and lowered consumption. Read more

Apple’s Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

When Apple originally debuted the iPad last year, the company also brought its iWork suite of applications to the new tablet, positioning iPads as more effective document creation devices than iPhones and iPod touches—while also demonstrating that software would enable an iPad to be more than the oversized iPod touch pundits had predicted.

As I noted in my earlier reviews, the original versions of the three iWork apps—Pages, Numbers and Keynote—were about equal parts groundbreaking for what they brought to the iPad and disappointing by comparison to what users of the Mac versions had come to expect. All three of the apps have seen modest updates over the past year, addressing some of the earlier issues I noted, expanding file compatibility and sharing capabilities, while also adding AirPrint support with the release of iOS 4.2. Even with these updates, however, it remains clear that Apple’s vision for iWork on the iPad is to provide a set of apps that are merely good enough for casual everyday use, with their more sophisticated Mac counterparts required for advanced projects. Read more

Skype For iPad

Earlier today, Skype allegedly posted the below video to their official YouTube account, then just as quickly whisked it away. I don’t know if it’s legit or not, but I hope so, because Skype for iPad looks great.

According to the video, the official iPad client will support video calling over both 3G and WiFi. It looks good, but maybe too good? It’s hard to believe a native iPad client that looks this good could come from the same company who boned up the Mac Skype application so badly.


Japanese researchers create a swimming endoscope

Perhaps some different news from what you normally read, would be the new remote controlled endoscope to be used by hospitals. Having a tube down your throat that doctors can aim manually doesn’t sound too pleasant, does it?

However, there are some reasons why doctors may need to be able to see inside the human body, and for that they need cameras.  Researchers in Japan were able to create a pill that, once swallowed, can be controlled by doctors via remote to see inside the body. This device is tadpole shaped and is 1 cm x 4.5 cm long.  Although it has not yet been approved for use in clinics, it has been tested on some patients already.  Images have not been released, however they were taken of the colon and it is not known how quality the images are.

Graphene: the miracle material explained

Graphene may turn out to be the Lady Gaga of materials: it seems to have come from nowhere, everybody’s talking about it, and before long it’s going to be absolutely everywhere.

Although the material has been around for a while in concept, the first commercial products based on the material are due in the next few years – it’s an incredibly lightweight and resistant material.

Graphene could lead to rollable phones, thousand-gigahertz processors and other miraculous things, and in a fairly short space of time it could be as ubiquitous as plastic. So what on Earth is it?

Graphene comes from graphite, which means it’s made from carbon atoms. It’s two-dimensional rather than three-dimensional: a sheet of graphene is a grid of carbon atoms that’s just one atom thick. Nobel laureate Andre Geim, who shared the Nobel Prize in physics with his colleague Konstantin Novoselov, explains: “Graphene is a single plane of graphite that has to be pulled out of bulk graphite to show its amazing properties.” Read more

Citigroup Admits $2.7 Million of Customers’ Money Stolen Due to Hack

Citigroup estimates that around 3,400 customers were affected by the online security breach it experienced earlier this year, costing somewhere in the region of $2.7 million when credit card information was stolen by hackers.

This is the first time that Citi is publicly acknowledging any financial losses as a result of the hack, which affected more than 360,000 credit card accounts in May.

According to an email earlier this month from spokesman Sean Kevelighan, the bank “immediately rectified the data breach upon discovery, while also placing internal fraud alerts and monitoring on all accounts at risk” and began investigating which accounts had been accessed, and what effects such access had.

With both investigations completed, Kevelighan now says that customers will be reimbursed for their losses.

Perfume Smelling Phone

Some weird things come out of Asia in the gadget world. One of the strangest devices to surface recently comes from Fujitsu and Folli Follie.

You will recognize the Fujitsu name I bet, but Folli Follie is a Chinese company that makes accessories for women. The result of the tie up with the two companies the F-022 mobile phone. The strange feature is a disc that can be removed and doused in perfume to make the phone smell.

The phone is gold in color and has an 8.1MP camera that has features to make skin look better and track eyes. The camera is rated for water and dust resistance and has a 3-inch VGA resolution screen. I personally dont see this phone hitting South Africa, if ever it even leaves China for anywhere else in the world.



The iPhone May Be Immensely Popular, But It Still Has Plenty Of Room To Grow

Since Apple’s iPhone first hit the market 3 years ago, it has grown by leaps and bounds in popularity and market share, but according to analyst Horace Dediu, the iPhone, despite it’s popularity and success, still has plenty of untapped market potential.

In a global perspective, according to Dediu, the iPhone is still a very restricted product (particularly in terms of who is able to purchase and use the device). He points out that there are 10 European countries, comprising a combined population of over 100 million people, that have yet to see an iPhone, and in Asia, there are actually more countries without the iPhone than with it. Read more

Airbus’s Jetliner Of The Future

Airbus’s Jetliner Of The Future- Shape-Shifting Seats And A Virtual Golf Course

Airbus’s bionic concept plane has tons of gee-whiz features, the most impressive of which is this: It eradicates cabin classes.

Flying feels like it can’t get much worse for the plebes among us who don’t cough up six large for a plane ticket. Which means it’ll only get better? Read more