We recently published this ad in local magazines. The concept behind this was to show people that no matter what was on the page in front of them they would have to turn the magazine upside down.

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How 38 Years Of Cellphone Evolution Resulted In The iPhone 4S

Most would agree that the iPhone 4S is a pretty amazing device, but I wonder how often people stop to realize just how amazing today’s modern devices (like the iPhone) really are?

Take the cell phone for instance – what started out as a huge brick that had to be carried in a bag turned into a sleek device. And besides just making phone calls, it’s also a full-fledged computer that’s thousands of times more capable than devices that once filled an entire room. Read more

Make an iPhone Case With Your Instagram Photos

From photo books to iPad screensavers, we’ve seen some great uses of Instagram’s API.

The latest of these is Casetagram, which lets you create an iPhone case using photos you’ve uploaded to Instagram.

Cases are priced at $34.99, including the cost of international shipping, and come in four different formats: an even, square grid; an even grid of circles; squares of varying sizes; and circles of varying sizes. The final product has a matte finish and fits both the iPhone 4 and the new iPhone 4S perfectly.

Steve Jobs Reportedly Planned Four Years Of Future Products Before His Passing

While Steve Jobs is no longer with us in person, his vision and legacy will not soon fade, and his influence on Apple and their products will be evident for years to come. The Daily Mail, in fact, reports that Steve Jobs personally oversaw plans for the next four years of products before he passed away.

From the report:

He has also been overseeing the development of the delayed iCloud project, which will allow Apple users to store their music, photos and other documents remotely and masterminding updated versions of the iPod, iPad, iPhone and MacBooks, ensuring at least four years’ worth of products are in the pipeline, according to Apple sources. Read more

iPhone 4S

As expected, Apple introduced the iPhone 4S. The news was underwhelming and disappointing to many who were also expecting an iPhone 5. There’s also the fact that the iPhone 4S looks almost identical to the iPhone 4. However, there’s more than meets the eye, as Apple made a number of changes under the hood to improve on performance, including a faster processor, a more advanced camera, and a new antenna design. In addition, Apple expanded its family to include a 64GB model (finally!).

Offering more choice will certainly help Apple’s cause, but is there enough to persuade iPhone 4 owners to upgrade? Read on for more about the iPhone 4S and my first impressions and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section. Read more