1st Impression

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Your brand enables you to control how information is perceived and what impression it makes on your customers. As the old saying goes, ‘First impressions always last’. We believe that “You don’t get a second chance to make the first impression”, we believe you need to put your best foot forward. Read more

Chinamall website revamp

 Sino African Property (Pty) Ltd trading as China Mall is built on a 60 000m2 piece of land , acquired by the owners in 2003.

During the period 2003 and 2004 the building work commenced and led to the completion and successfull opening of the first phase of the shopping centre on two levels accomodating over 124 shops known as Block B.

The idea of a “Destination Shopping Centre” soon became a reality and the increasing demand from both customers and businessman alike for unique products , predominantly out of China , led to the further development of China Mall over the next five years.

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iPhone 4S: Getting along well with Siri

The more I use Siri the more I discover that the personal assistant can do for me with the iPhone 4S. Here are some simple areas that Siri is making a contribution in my daily life.

Siri is the voice assistant introduced with the iPhone 4S designed to make the user’s life easier. Through natural commands spoken into the phone, Siri jumps to provide assistance or information as required by the request. Siri isn’t able to do everything, nor to understand some requests, but the technology is very impressive in how often it works as intended. I find myself using Siri more and more the longer I use the iPhone 4S, and have run across some useful things. Read more