Porsche Design BlackBerry

The Porsche Design BlackBerry P9881 was announced back in October, but I have had no information of it coming to South Africa.

As a reminder the Porsche Design BlackBerry comes with a casing which is made from steel and leather, plus BlackBerry OS 7 and a single core 1GHz processor.

Other specifications on the Porsche Design BlackBerry P9881 include NFC, a 5 megapixel camera which can record HD video in 720p and a custom porsche design font and icons.

There are no details as yet on when the device will go on sale or how much it will retail for, as soon as I get some more information I will let you guys know.

Get your child an iPad!

Every time I spend time with my nephew or niece, they never fail to ask me if they can borrow my iPad. When I cave and hand it over, they immediately know what to do, and have an encyclopedic knowledge of which apps they want to play with.

Children take to the iOS multitouch user interface and they instinctively know that the device is a toy, and harass their parents into letting them play with it. I don’t see anything like this with other tablets. The iPad is so easy, appealing and intuitive that children naturally and immediately “get it.”

While nobody was looking, the iPad became a universally understood part of children’s culture. And hundreds of companies have responded by creating child-specific apps, which makes the device even more compelling to kids.

So why should you get your child an iPad? Read more

All of Steve Jobs’ Best Moments in One Place

On the news that Steve Jobs biography was the best selling book on Amazon, I started searching for things that people love reading about Steve Jobs.

I found a new website called Stevenote.tv, created by web designer Fabio Fiss as a tribute to Steve Jobs, seeks to memorialize his incredible presentations by assembling videos of every public presentation all in one place, indexed and searchable by key words or topics.

Among Steve Jobs most memorable traits was his legendary ability to present ideas. Steve’s keynote presentations, or Stevenotes, were always compelling, magical events that captivated and excited the masses.

Browsing through these archives has brought back some fond memories and shows what an impact Steve Jobs made at Apple.

This is a worthwhile experience for any Steve Jobs admirer. Visit Stevenote.tv to check out the entire impressive collection.