City Waldorf Student Accomadation

City Waldorf is a prefered student accomodation comprising of 175 guest rooms and specializing in servicing the University of Johannesburg. Our objective is to be a leading service provider benchmarking the standards of External Accommodation. Security and safety remain key to our service.

City Waldorf offers value and benefits to our students, over and above the standard of our facilities at affordable rates. We seek to provide our residents with an exemplary personal service, and level of recognition that they have come to rely upon. We provide our residents with a relaxed environment within which to conduct their studies. Read more

Understand Your iPhone’s Serial Number

Did you know that your iPhone’s serial number says a lot about your device? It isn’t just a random string of digits. It reveals the factory in which your device was built, the year it was manufactured, its unique identifier, and more. Here’s how to decode your iPhone’s serial number.You can find your serial number either on your iPhone’s box, or in the About menu within the Settings app. If your device is connected to iTunes on your computer, you’ll also see it on the Summary page.

Serial numbers are presented in the form AABCCDDDEEF, and this is what those letters represent:

  • AA = Factory and machine ID
  • B = Year manufactured (this is simplified to the final digit, which means 0 = 2010; 1 = 2011; etc.)
  • CC = Week of production
  • DDD = Unique identifier (not the same thing as the Unique Device Identifier, or UDID)
  • EE = Model and color of device
  • F = Storage capacity of the device (S = 16GB; T = 32GB)

So if your serial number was 79049XXXA4S, the first to number would indicate it was assembled in factory 79 — presumably a Foxconn factory, which assembles all of Apple’s iPhones — in 2010 during week 49. A4 means it’s a black iPhone 4, while the S suggests it packs 16GB of storage.

However, some older iPhones employ a slightly different labeling scheme. On the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, the letter K may refer to 16GB of storage as opposed to the letter S.


Facebook Timeline Brings The Past Back To The Future

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shows Timeline.

Facebook’s Timeline — the long anticipated overhaul of the site — is rolling out across the world this week.

Timeline allows friends to surf through all your posts going back to the beginning of Facbeook time. Graphically it can be a beautiful thing. Mark Zuckerberg calls it a chance for users to tell the stories of their lives. And over the next few weeks users across the world will get it on their profile.

But here’s the important part, once you get it you will have just seven days to clean up all your old posts and make it presentable to the world.3

The problem with Facebook’s Timeline is that the story you chose to tell about your life back in school a few years back might be considerably different from the story you would like to tell about your life now. But Timeline will make all those old posts and photos documenting things back in the day easily visible to the world.

So unless you take action now and clean up your profile, be prepared to experience the joy of over sharing. If you don’t clean up your profile — don’t say you were not warned.

Enzo Pezzeria Menu

Enzos Pizzeria trattoria was established in Johannesburg in 1990 by Enzo and his mother Lenna Tilli. Their aim was to share their authentic Southern Italian cuisine with our adopted country. After 10 years and two restaurants later, Enzo and his family relocated to the beautiful South Coast of Natal, in the town of Scottburgh.We have now been here for 14 years, still offering our famous pizzas, fish and pastas, and continuously adding new things to our menu, such as our world famous, flame grilled, ribs! Enzos still today provides a warm and welcoming environment, where families and friends meet to share in the Enzo family.

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Is iBooks Author really for Authors?

Apple launched their new education initiative this week, with the equally new iBooks Author application for Mac at its core. There’s been a lot of chatter on Twitter and on the web already, with much more to come, but one thing I haven’t seen so far is a simple evaluation of the the suitability of iBooks Author and the iBookstore as an authoring and distribution system.

As with any Apple application, there’s a strong desire to explore it and a tendency to try very hard to retrofit my actual needs to allow me to use the shiny new application. Thus, this brief article is as much about tempering my own enthusiasm with reason, as it is as attempt to share my thoughts.

Here, then, are some important points to consider before using iBooks Author for your next project.

  1. Your customers need an iPad to read your book. You can’t view them on iPhones, Macs or PCs, or any other tablet devices.
  2. Specifically, your customers must use iBooks 2 to read your book. No other software can view the book. Read more

Low Cost Messaging Services Cutting Into SMS Texting

Text or SMS messaging has long been a big-time profit generator for South Africa network operators, but they now risk losing these profits as consumers find cheaper ways to communicate. With many consumers turning to low-cost alternatives like iMessenger, BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook’s mobile messaging service, operators like Vodacom, MTN and Cell C risk losing a steady, superbly profitable source of income.

Customers using the new crop of messaging services must still pay for internet access, but the cost per message is much smaller than a monthly SMS service plan or per text charges. South African operators still carry a lot of text messages on their networks, but judging from international trends they seeing warning signs ahead. The push toward higher service fees may end up backfiring and hastening a move to alternatives, as consumers have become particularly vocal in their rejection of fee increases.

They risk alienating a certain portion of their subscriber base by forcing them to pay for higher-priced unlimited tariffs particularly if they don’t provider a more affordable option. One hope for operators could be the fact that alternative texting services are so fragmented. For example, only BlackBerry users can send or receive BBM messages. Read more

Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2: How The Tablets Compare

A look at some of the major differences between Inc.’s tablet computer, the Kindle Fire, and Apple Inc.’s popular iPad:

Price: The Kindle Fire, which connects to the Internet over Wi-Fi networks, costs much less than the iPad. The iPad costs depending on storage capacity and its wireless capabilities can cost anything from R 4499. Some iPad models can access cellular networks besides Wi-Fi.

Screen size: The Kindle Fire’s display measures 7 inches diagonally, while the iPad has a 9.7-inch display. That makes the Fire’s screen a bit less than half the size of the iPad’s. Read more