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The Caring Womens Forum is a non profit organisation that operates from Houghton, Johannesburg. A group that is dedicated to making a difference to all those around us.

NPO Number: 027-326

CWF started in 1995 when a group of women from Jhb met on a regular basis to network in their vicinity and to get to know the community. The members saw a need to help others and began their projects by distributing hampers to the poor. One bursary was distributed. Members contributed directly to these projects in their personal capacity. The strong hold members were Ms Zainub Tayob and Mrs Farina Moti.

The first fun day was held in 1996 at the Zoo Lake and was very successful. From funds raised, 140 food hampers were made and distributed to the poor as well as to prisoners.  A bursary was also distributed. Mrs Farina Moti united the community behind very worthwhile fundraising efforts.

Blankets were distributed to the poor during winter.  The Kharbhai School for the deaf was visited, where chocolates were distributed and computers were upgraded. Training of a guide dog was also sponsored as well as a vocational training project.  A bursary was given once again.

Funds were also donated to the Transvaal kidney association.  In September 1997 another fun day was held at the Zoo Lake to raise funds.

As part of the fun day the “sponsor a child fund” was set up and directed to various orphanages.

Blankets, hampers and two bursaries were given to the needy.  The MC Kharbhai school for the deaf was given R4 000,00.  Self-help projects were initiated in township areas, that were referred to by SANZAF.  An orphange was sponsored with clothing.

Seven bursaries were given.  Funds were donated to Katlehong School and the Lenasia Muslim School.  A donation was given to the ANC women’s league.  More self-help projects were initiated and blankets and food hampers were distributed.  A dialysis machine was donated to the Transvaal Kidney Association.  Two beds were donated to Baragwanath Hospital.  An orphange in Nigel was also given cash to buy beds.

Childline received a donation from CWF.  Another fun day to raise funds was held at Houghton Primary School.

Blankets were distributed.  Seven bursaries were once again given to students.  A carpet was donated to childline for the Katlehong premises.  Funds were raised for a school in Alexander.  A donation of R5000,00 was given to the Bosmont Mosque.  Food hampers to the value of

R18 000, 00 was distributed in ramadaan to the poor and muslim prisoners. A dinner was held to raise funds.

Food hampers to the value of R18 000,00 were distributed.  The CWF continued with its empowerment schemes in terms of providing bursaries and scholarships to needy students.  Various talks on different topics of interest were hosted in the JHB area where admission was free to interested parties.  The annual fun day was held at the Zoo Lake and 50 orphans were sponsored for the day.  Funds were once again donated to the Transvaal Kidney Association.

The bursary scheme continued and further bursaries were given out.

Destitute families were helped with rental and groceries.  An industrial washing machine was donated to an orphange in Benoni. Food hampers to the value of R22 500,00 were distributed in ramadaan.

Bursaries were once again provided.  Clothing and blankets were distributed as part of Operation Winter Warmth.  CWF was approached by the Dept of Social development to sponsor a creche, Tembelihle, in Weiler’s farm.  This was done with the provision of blankets, mattresses, stationery and food items.  Blankets were donated to the JHB North area Jamaat Khanna to be used for funerals.  Funding for an operation for a blind child was sponsored.  A cerebal palsy child was also sponsored.  150 food hampers were distributed during ramadaan.

Baby furniture, equipment, baby clothing and playground equipment was donated to the Tembelihle creche.  8 bursaries were awarded this year.

Talks on “Drugs and drug abuse” and “Healthy eating the Indian way” were hosted in the area.  The sponsoring of the tuition and hostel fees of the cerebal palsy child was done again this year.  Computers were sponsored to an orphange. A feeding scheme took place at the Crown Pre-primary school the entire year where members took turns everyday to supply lunch, fruit and drinks to children who came from destitute homes.  This innitiative ended at the end of 2004 when the school received help from the department in this respect.

Caring Women’s Forum responded to fund raising on behalf of Gift of the Givers for the Indo-Pak earthquake that took place on 8 October 2005.

An amazing R1 000 000,00 was raised for this disaster and handed over to doctor Imtiaz Sooliman of Gift of the Givers.

R100 000,00 was raised for the Tsunami and R172 600,00 was raised for the Mali/Niger famine.  CWF assisted the Westbury Masjid with food parcels and also a self-help scheme was run by a few of the group ladies at the Westbury Masjid.  These included teaching the ladies how to bake, sew, etc.  With this they were taught how to run their own small business where they could bring in some cash for themselves.  Clothing was also donated by our community and given over to these ladies which they then sold and used the cash to establish their home industry businesses.

Bursaries contributions continued.  Approximately 8 students received bursaries.  Ramadaan hampers were given out in partnership with SANZAF.

CWF gave an initial amount of funding to start an empowerment workshop for adults that have special needs. This sheltered employment allows them to work in a safe environment thus earning an income from jobs given to them by members of the community, eg: tasbeeh making, quraan markers, chocolate parcels etc. Members of CWF ran this workshop on a weekly basis
A breakfast/exercise class was held to raise funds on behalf of Gift of the Givers for the Palestine crisis.  A number of bursaries were once again given to University and school students.  An individual was helped with rental in arrears.  243 hampers were distributed to the poor in the Protea South area.  These hampers were all packed personally and distributed personally by the members and families of the CWF.  Various orphanges were visited during ramadaan where the orphans were given eid gifts. Students within the community assisted on various chairty outings as part of school requirements. CWF also assisted Gift of the Givers in the collection of food items that were used to cook for approximately 1500 fasting muslims daily. CWF also ran an innitiative where the members were involved in the making of Halim themselves and supplying fruit every weekend in ramadaan. This was then distributed by Gift of the Givers  to mosques where destitute people were fed. A talk as part of a fund raiser was held at the Huguenoot Primary School where Sister Quraysha Yousuf gave us an inspiring talk on Hijaab and the role of a muslim women in Islam. Part of the proceeds went to Gift of the Givers to assist in the opening of a orthopaedic unit at one of the hospitals in Palestine. Johannesburg Muslim School also collected and contributed R50 000 to CWF to assist with our fundraiser for adequate medical equipment to be utilised in Palestine.Baby clothing was collected and given to the Swoosh Charity Foundation for an orphanage in Alex. The Polokwane Muslim Womens group contributed clothing to CWF that was in turn given to a madressah in Protea South.

A soccer gift package was put together for a little boy suffering from leukemia. He is an ardent fan and a care package was assembled and distributed via Swoosh0018 Charity Foundation. Sadly little Thabo has since passed away. Our condolences to all members of his family, especially his parents. 

A member CWF joined the road to read programme and gave out winter warmth blankets to children.CWF and our work was showcased on a programme called “Ramadhaan Kareem” on Islam Channel-dstv

Ramadhaan Hamper packing: members of the community got involved to pack grocery hampers for destitute families.

Assisting Gift of the Givers to raise funds for Pakistan Relief Aid.- approx R150 000 was handed over. Johannesburg Muslim School-with principal Abdullah Sujee – assisted with collections of these funds

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