The One Product That Makes Apple a Trillion-Dollar Company

Apple will become a trillion-dollar company based not on iPads and Apple TV, but payments.

While online payments are becoming easier there are still security issues and at times its difficult to make payment more so if you buying online on your mobile phone. You have to create an account, enter your address and enter your credit card information or PayPal information.

But buying apps is easy and we do it all day long on iOS at least- because our credit card number is already in the device. Buying on Amazon is easy and we do it all the time- because our credit card number is already stored. Sensing a pattern here? The person with hundreds of millions of stored credit cards wins big. There are only two people on the planet who have stored over a hundred million active credit card numbers that I can think of: Apple and Amazon. One is in commerce and one isn’t. Read more

10 Dumb Things I’ve Learned From Brilliant People

The following ten items are direct observations from the “what not to do/be” side of the world.  The post might better be titled, “10 Dumb Things I’ve Learned from People Who Want to be Thought of as Brilliant” (but that’s too long a title). Please feel free to add more in the comments section.

1. Speak with the “official style” to sound like an expert.

The “official style” was a term coined by Richard Lanham in his excellent book Revising Prose. Lanham said that we’ve been experiencing a verbal epidemic characterized by heavy bureaucratic prose that’s full of nouns and scarce on verbs. The solution, Lanham proposed, was an easy one: for every sentence you write, ask yourself “Who is kicking whom?” The book is a short but invaluable read that I recommend to everyone. When you read it, you’ll realize just how pervasive the official, expert style is, and how much it muddies communication. Read more

WWDC 2012 rumours: iPhone 5, iOS 6, Mountain Lion and Apple iTV

WWDC 2012 rumours: iPhone 5, iOS 6, Mountain Lion and Apple iTV. The dates have been announced for WWDC in June, but what would we like to see? Here we rundown our list of five things we’d like to emerge from the Cupertino-based company.

Apple has confirmed that WWDC 2012 San Fransisco will take place on the 11-15th of June and will be showcasing the next Mac OS known as Mountain Lion.

Held every year in San Fransisco WWDC used to be the venue Apple used to release its latest iPhone however recently the Cuperitino-based company has been holding separate events.

At present there’s no known information on whether Apple will be unveiling any new products at WWDC so for the moment it looks like the company will be focusing on both Mountain Lion and iOS.

With the New iPad showcasing the latest retina display apps and the latest version of iOS offering hundreds of new features all eyes will be on whether Apple decide to unveil iOS 6 or stick with iOS 5.1

The Square Kilometer Array (SKA)

Exploring the Universe with the world’s largest radio telescope

After a tense few months that has had many in South Africa anxiously awaiting word on whether their particular site will be chosen to host the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope, the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) Organization has finally made its decision. Noting that both sites had their own advantages and disadvantages, and wishing to be inclusive, the SKA Organisation revealed it has agreed on a dual-site solution that will allow the project to take advantage of investments already made by the bidding nations. The decision will see two of the three SKA receiver components built in South Africa, with the third to be constructed in Australia and New Zealand. But what is the SKA?

The SKA will be a revolutionary radio telescope made of thousands of receptors linked together across an area the size of a continent. The total collecting area of all the receptors combined will be approximately one square kilometer, making the SKA the largest and most sensitive radio telescope ever built. Read more