How Innovative Leaders Maintain Their Edge

This issue marks our second year collaborating with Forbes to rank the world’s most innovative companies based upon an innovation premium. Since last year’s inaugural list was published, we’re often asked: “Why are some companies able to create and sustain a high innovation premium while others don’t?” While still in the early stages of an in-depth analysis of high- versus low-innovation premium companies, our initial results show at least three key things that the innovative companies do to create and sustain an innovation premium.  How well companies leverage people, process, and philosophies (what we call the 3Ps) differentiates the best in class from the next in class when it comes to keeping innovation alive and delivering an innovation premium year after year. Read more

Using LinkedIn To Market Your Business

How many articles about social media are there? 1 million? 2?

Do you really think we need another one?

Well, I think that we do, and this here’s the reason why. The invention of social media sites gave us, the small business owners, near infinite possibilities for marketing ourselves and our companies. And still, I don’t think we are using these sites to their fullest.


Take LinkedIn. Not the most popular or widely used site, that’s true. But it has something that Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr don’t. It’s whole purpose is to connect professionals with professionals. It’s not about what you did over the weekend or what books you’re reading or what your cat looks like in a hoodie. It’s about finding work and finding workers.

So in the spirit of efficiency here are 5 ways that I think you can use LinkedIn to market your business, in as few words as I can write them because, hey, you have a business to run.

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