Two major trends businesses need to take into consideration for 2013

The rate of change is ever increasing. Consumers are adopting new technology faster than ever before and their behaviour and expectations are changing. As Per Sundin from Universal Music Sweden puts it, ‘Things have never moved this fast, and will never move this slowly again’. So says NATIVE’s director for mobile, content and community divisions, Angus Robinson.

Businesses have to respond. And there are two trends emerging that will help companies do just that – the Lean Startup movement and the connected economy. Read more

4 Tips to Manage Your Online Reputation

My mother always warned me to be careful about what I said and did in public because I never knew who was watching. She was right.

I have to admit that more than once I pulled into the driveway to my father asking me about how fast I was driving on my way home. Although I didn’t live in a small town, it was small enough that his friends recognized my car and called him if they thought I was driving a little too fast.There were no secrets in the community where I grew up.

Although the town I live in now is much bigger than it once was, the Internet and social media have made it a much smaller place. What’s more, as individuals and businesses, the need to manage and protect your reputation is just as important today—and likely takes a little more attention than it once did.

For example, some colleagues and I were discussing this yesterday when one of them mentioned a friend of his who had driven down to Las Vegas to meet a boy she’d been flirting with online and over the phone for several weeks. Apparently, after meeting in person, he said he needed to grab his wallet out of the car and would be right back—he never returned. He cowardly slipped away into the night never to be seen again.

It wasn’t that unusual of a story, without making excuses of obviously rude behavior, I’m sure it sometimes happens when people meet and for whatever reasons don’t have any chemistry. What makes this situation different is the reaction of her friends and a very hostile blog one of them wrote regarding his less than chivalrous behavior, calling him out by name.

I Google’d his name to see if the blog post had come up in search yet, but didn’t see it. However, if the friends of this mistreated young woman have anything to say about it, they’ll likely beat this drum until it does.

A couple of years ago I had a colleague comment that he was glad social media wasn’t around when he was in college or he’d have had a lot of explaining to do in job interviews. It was the result of one of his younger friends complaining about having missed out on a potential job because photos of him at a party with a number of drunken fraternity brothers was posted and public on his Facebook.

A few months back I commented on how I felt about employers who require job applicants to make their Facebook profile public, however anyone’s public profile should be considered up for grabs. Unfortunately for the Mr. Wrong described above, his less-than-gentlemanly behavior will become part of the public record, searchable by potential employers or a future spouse and will definitely call his integrity into question.

Let me suggest four tips that will help you effectively manage your online reputation: Read more

The 10 Worst Communication Mistakes For Your Career

                                                      How do you signal to the world you’re leadership   material?” asks Sylvia Ann Hewlett, an economist and the founding president of the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) in New York. “You don’t get a shot at being a leader unless you signal right.”

According to a new year-long study of over 4,000 college-educated professionals and 268 senior executives, conducted by CTI and in partnership with Marie Claire magazine, you must be viewed as a leader in order to get promoted into top jobs. That takes “executive presence,” which is defined as having gravitas, excellent communication skills and a polished appearance.

These skills are required, but that doesn’t mean you rack up bonus points for having them. Instead, you get demerits for your mistakes, as superiors silently cross you off their good lists. So what are the pitfalls to avoid? The study uncovered the 10 worst communication mistakes that will instantly derail your promotion hopes.

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Three Steps to an Online Marketing Makeover

Three Steps to an Online Marketing MakeoverMarketing expert John Jantsch, author of the popular blog Duct Tape Marketing, recently shared with Entrepreneur his insights on how to create a comprehensive and compelling web presence. In a webinar hosted by Laura Lorber,’s executive online editor, Jantsch voiced his thoughts on the seven stages of a web presence: search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, social media, online advertising, mobile and analytics.

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