Moving Beyond Social: Emotional Media To Power The Warped Tour

Possibly the most fascinating aspect of the Internet is that we’ve likely only scratched the surface of what can be done with the medium. The Web we know today will not be the Web we know in ten years, or even five.

Los Angeles-based animation and media tech company Divide Nine has put imaginations together to speculate what the next generation of the Internet might look like.

Divide Nine co-founders and husband-wife team Krishna and Lisa Gopala founded their studio in 2008 with the idea that everything they create must entertain, captivate, and inspire. They want to emotionally engage global audiences — through feature animation, mobile games, and social technology platforms. Their company is also centered on giving back to society. Read more

3 Ways to Promote Your Brand Without Facebook

3 Ways to Promote Your Brand Without Facebook

Facebook is slowly but surely adjusting its algorithm to require brands to pay for exposure to their own fans.

Recently, a blog post from Weber Shandwick mentioned that a Facebook vice president had announced that the free ride for brands is over. Frustrated by the lack of reach Facebook was allowing on the Dallas Mavericks Facebook page, owner Mark Cuban tweeted that he was looking for another alternative for the popular giant. Read more

3 Surprising Ways to Find New Clients

3 Surprising Ways to Find New ClientsPeople tell me the weirdest stories. Some are tales of drunken escapades, brushes with law enforcement or photos inadvertently distributed on the internet. Others are more surprising: They star astonishingly sober folks hellbent on playing by their own business rules. One of my favorite themes of the second group: People who employ unconventional methods for connecting with new customers. Get ready to put their oddball antics to work for your business.

4 Steps to Cultivate Insane Customer Loyalty


Apple Store, North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL

If your business is trapped competing on price, it’s because they’re not loyal to your brand. But there are ways you can build that loyalty.

In a presentation on the first day of the New Media Expo (formerly BlogWorld) in Las Vegas, serial entrepreneur Dino Dogan –most recently founder of Triberr — says he studied cults to learn how to build close relationships with customers. Read more

How To Be Successful With Your Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing can greatly help in promoting your business when you know exactly what the process entails. The best part is, it’s fun, too. Learning to properly implement mobile marketing can increase your exposure to a greater number of people. Read this article below with tips to get your started on the right path.

Add some fun to your campaign with product-response quizzes, and offer trivia games to your customers to give a fun boost to your mobile marketing. If you send a consumer marketing quiz to the cell phones of your customers, many will respond back to answer the quiz. Using quizzes can help you get feedback on your products while entertaining the customers. Read more