New NIKE Advert: “Possibilities’ tells us we’re all capable of a little more”

For the 25th anniversary of its “Just do it” slogan (memo: you’re old), the sportswear company and ad agency Wieden + Kennedy are trying something new, or rather, old: “Just do it” for very broad values of “it.” This is a good spot, with the dueling narrators, seamless transitions and some impressive sets—rarely has a 90-second commercial looked so freakishly expensive.

The dance party, the marathon, the blacktop, the table-tennis room and the football game all have a surprisingly large number of extras involved, and then there’s the use of actual sports stars to put the cherry on the whole thing. It’s a massive undertaking by W+K, and director Nicolai Fuglsig manages to keep the whole thing fluid not merely by having the lead actors dress the same way from fantasy to fantasy, but by editing the shots together so that they switch over in the middle of a pan. It’s impressive.

Bradley Cooper is adequately wry with his voiceover. And good choice of music, too:”Future Starts Slow” off Blood Pressures by The Kills.

Overall, it’s a good, anthemic lead spot for the campaign, with branding that drives the viewer back to the slogan without slapping him or her in the face with it for a minute and a half. And it successfully suggests you can move beyond what you thought were your physical limits, even if you have but a fraction of the talent of a Piqué, Williams or James. (Also, look for the cameo by Chris Pine.) Moving beyond the TV spot, viewers can also explore their own “Possibilities” through activations including Nike+ Running and NikeFuel challenges.

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