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BlackBerry: Making the right call

What is more important? The security of a nation or the so called need for cutting edge global technology from a third party vendor? One would have to be truly naïve to believe that there is even a shadow of doubt what the answer will be. No nation can allow itself to be held at […]

Meet Flipboard

It’s the iPad app everyone’s talking about. It’s free and available for download. Click Here to see the Video Flipboard is a social networking aggregator. While I’d argue that the flexibility of the open web experience is still more desirable than the closed-off app experience, Flipboard does a decent job of simplifying and “cleansing” the […]

iPhone applications the new political tool

Maintaining a Facebook page and Twitter feed has become standard practice for political candidates seeking to get their message out. Now, some are creating iPhone applications (apps) so supporters can follow their campaigns and make contributions. The method has grown in popularity – especially since President Barack Obama’s widely chronicled and successful embrace of social […]

The Business Behind Facebook

Prior to Facebook, people had to use detective work and old fashioned stalker technology to find out what their exes and goofball best friend from third grade was up. Those were hard times. By 2010, Facebook has inundated the earth so thoroughly that you’ll never have to rely on a shady private eye to stalk […]

A History of Apple

Ever wonder how Apple Computer became the industry icon it is today?  How and why is it that a simple computer manufacturer could endear itself to its customer base so well that some researchers feel that Apple fans are not only just a cult but bordering on religion?  It’s not hard to see why certain Apple products […]

How the Internet Works

The Internet is one of those things. You know, those things we use every day, and rarely understand. Light, radio, language, our minds. In the interest of better understanding, lets try to strip a little of the mystery from this great web, if we can.

It’s more than just banning Blackberry Services

Dubai has built a global name as an easy place to do business. Consider its international airport, one of the world’s largest: more than 40 million passengers traveled through the hub last year, and, like business travelers everywhere, most can be seen checking their BlackBerrys, iPhones or other PDAs during transit. “It’s a eight hours–plus […]

How social media could have prevented 9/11

After the 2010 World Cup, it became clear to me that Social media is the communication of the future, but had the horrific events of 9/11 occurred a little later, it’s possible that many more lives would be saved and that a clearer picture of what had happened would emerge sooner. When the jetliners crashed […]