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Why MAC?

Are you a PC user running windows? If so, you will readily identify with all the problems that face a PC user – new devices have to be configured, drivers need to be updated, you get visits from the dreaded Blue Screen of Death every so often, you have to install anti-virus, firewalls, and a […]

Marlbro Evolution

The paint job features a predominately red car with a number of associate sponsor logos; Shell Gasoline, Ferrari itself, Bridgestone and a few others.

NASA takes gamers on a lunar adventure

NASA has abandoned plans to return to the Moon but videogamers can explore the lunar landscape with a free new online game released by the US space agency. “Moonbase Alpha” allows players to join an exploration team in a futuristic 3D settlement on the south pole of the Moon. In Moonbase Alpha, you assume the […]

The Red Book – Yaseen Theba Profiled

Merloni’s Yaseen Theba is enthusiastic about the role that SME’s have to play, both in the marketing industry and the broader economy. “I saw a real need for a provider that could service SME’s and start up companies with the same skills and technology that the big players offer, but still provide personal face-to-face relationships […]

Facebook hits 500 million users!

Facebook is expected to say this week that it has reached 500 million users, making it the biggest information network on the Internet that has connected the world into an online statehood of status updates, fan pages and picture exchanges. In its six-year history, the site has become ritualized in our daily lives. It has […]

iPhone- A Revolution Again

In 2007, the iPhone was truly revolutionary. Every June since, there’s been a new model. Apple typically kept adding features like 3G, GPS, the ability to run third-party apps … features that seemed thrilling and exotic within the context of the iPhone but which in the larger world of smart phones were about as unusual as nitrogen molecules in the atmosphere.